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Please listen to me attentively.
The difference between last year and next year is this year. And it is within your means.
So stop stressing yourself by worrying about how and whether you will make it happily into next year or not.

Believe me or not your worrying won’t delay the arrival of next year nor will it speed up this year.
Just the way last year passed and this year came so will this year end and next come.
Therefore do everything you can within your means to be happy as you make others happy too.
But their happiness should not be at the expense of yours.

Don’t make any more resolutions basing on the Gregorian calendar year.
But make short term cumulative and achievable resolutions so that at the end of next year you will surely look back at your accomplishments and marvel at how much you were able to achieve.

The danger with annual Gregorian calendar based resolutions, they make you an under achiever.
You wait until the last quarter of the year and start running around in an effort to fulfill your so-called new year resolutions.

And when you do, you go around chest thumping mbu you met your new year resolution.
Yet you are a mere underachiever who accomplished a mere quarter of your annual capability.
Meanwhile, l wish you a fruitful new year that is full of blessings.

Over to you.

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