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Wedding Presents to Family and Friends

Today a couple came into my studio/gallery looking for wedding presents to give to their son and his fiance who are due to wed tomorrow. Among the presents was one particular mat, which unfortunately had its binding undone.

While in normal circumstances I would suggest an alternative, they seemed hooked on to this particular one. Usually I contact the mat makers, who come and do the needful.

Since there was no time I decided to offer a design solution. I looked at the binding, studied it and decided to mend it using the available tools and materials, which seemed inadequate but I managed to improvise successfully.

It was my first time to mend a mat, and thanks to my mother who introduced me to the skills of sewing and tailoring during my childhood. While my mother was a qualified teacher, nurse and midwife and actually gainfully employed she also owned a sewing machine which she used to make her clothes and ours too .

These skills would come in handy later when I joined the armed forces, where you were required to solve all sorts of problems as they arise. Some anticipated and others totally unexpected, but you were expected to find and offer a solution especially before appearing at the muster parade, where you were expected to turn up in tip top form and smartly dressed to avoid being punished.

Some of the punishments would involve being ordered to take cover and roll next to a pool of muddy water if the instructor felt you were not smart enough. This would happen most often early in the morning. After that you were expected to go to the dormitory, clean up and report back immediately. Otherwise you would be charged with being absent without authorised leave (AWOL).
So as we close the year I am pleased to report that I have a newly acquired skill on top of the many God endowed me with.

Did I mention that a couple of weeks ago I held an exhibition to mark 40 years of art practice? Well now you know.

Glory be to God the Most High as we inch towards 2019.
Happy new year.

Over to you

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