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What does it say Ms. Queen Abenakyo, Uganda’s Miss Africa

miss africa 1

A couple of months ago I bought this painting by an Indian artist Jogindra Singh. It was in the exhibition that opened immediately after mine closed (FORTY YEARS OF BRUSH STROKES) at NOMMO ART GALLERY, Nakasero, Kampala, Uganda.

What does it say to you in relation to Ms Quiin Abenakyo, Uganda’s Miss Africa, who also is second runup Miss World 2018.

Can those incharge of whatever refrain from doing anything scandalous, that might ruin our moment of glory, on the global scene?
Glory be to God.
Over to you.

miss africa 2

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A sorrowful mourning of Miss Abwooli Margaret Kyahurwa

the late miss abwooli

With deep sorrow and regret I announce the passing on of Abwooli Margaret Kyahurwa in Mpaija, Hoima! She is the lady who took good care of our mother Atwooki Erina Bachayaya until she passed on in 2003.

She continued staying in our home under our care until tonight when she breathed her last! My brother Hon Simon Mayende and I promised to take care of her as long as we were able. We thank God for enabling us to fulfill our promise in honour of our beloved mother.

My sincere gratitude to Simon for the invaluable support he extended to her.
Mr Jackson Kiija Mpabaisi for being available and helpful during her sickness and keeping us posted on her condition until the last minute of her life on earth. 

Our good neighbors, especially Mrs Dolika Naku and Mrs Kasaija for offering moral and spiritual support always. Her immediate family for being there for her.

Abwooli has rested after battling goitre, asthma and diabetes for years.
We will always remember her for her loyalty to our mother whom she cared for very well.

Having given her life to the Lord, her place in paradise is reserved.
Thank you for standing with us.
Over to you!

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The difference between Last Year and Next Year

lat year and next year

Please listen to me attentively.
The difference between last year and next year is this year. And it is within your means.
So stop stressing about whether you will make it happily into next year.

Believe me or not your worrying will neither delay the arrival of next year nor will it speed up this year.
Just the same way last year passed so will this year too.

Therefore do everything you can within your means to be happy as you make others happy too.
But their happiness must by no means be at the expense of yours.

Don’t make any more resolutions basing on the Gregorian calendar year.
But make short term cumulative and achievable resolutions so that at the end of next year you will surely look back at your accomplishments and wonder how much you were able to achieve.

The danger with annual calendar based resolutions, they turn you into an under achiever.
You wait until the last quarter of the year and start running around in an effort to fulfill your new year resolutions.

And when you finally do, you go around chest thumping mbu you met your new year resolution.
Yet you are a mere underachiever who accomplished quarter of your annual capability

Happy new year.
Over to you.

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The Batik Art Journey

batik 10 (5)

The batik art journey, from conception in church to fruition in my studios at work and home.
There was this lady Infront of me with a child. At our church we have a Sunday school, where children go shortly after a blessing and before the sermon. But somehow some parents tend to hang on to their kids, you may guess what follows…
Over to you.